I am Emmanuel Uchenna

Freelance chat bot developer, web developer, web designer, frontend developer, graphic designer
Emmanuel Uchenna

Name: Emmanuel Uchenna

Profile: Web developer

Email: eunithelp@gmail.com

Phone: (+234) 811-0863-115

HTML5 & CSS3 6 Years
JavaScript & jQuery 5 Years
Bootstrap4 Years
ReactJS3 Years
Git & GitHub3 Years
About me

I am a seasoned frontend web developer. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and ReactJS are my web development technologies. I am familiar with responsive design techniques, approaching all projects with a mobile-first view, ensuring that what I produce will look great regardless of the type of device it is being viewed on.

I love creating websites and also programming. This is all my motivation pushing me to improve my skills in multiple disciplines such as: UX design, UI design, frontend development, I think these are just the titles for companies. For me it is the path for turning ideas into live applications.

Random quote
You are what you look at. Look at the good things around you.


Services I offer to my clients.

Web Design

Let me give your website that feel it needs.

Web Development

Got an idea? Let me make it a reality.


From passion to professionalism.

Responsive Design

Great designs across all devices.

Graphic Design

I create attractive graphic designs.

Bot development

Need a bot? Let me set it up.


Few projects I have completed.

Berline bot

Berline bot

A conversational bot to discourage infatuation by providing tips to overcoming infatuation. / 20 Nov. 2018


Your No.1 Solution for hostel accommodationHostelPaddy / 01 Apr. 2020
EDUBOTS website

EDUBOTS website

EDUBOTS website / 01 May. 2020
Tribinnov Community

Tribinnov Community website

Tribinnov Community / July. 2022


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